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Who we are

Atacama Fernreise are a group of people who deal with planning and organization of tours, including their implementation in San Pedro de Atacama. Thanks to our years of experience we offer you optimal travel suggestions. You have the possibility to book your stay directly with us!
Our site offers a very comprehensive program with different goals in San Pedro de Atacama, where you will find trekking tours in addition to the vehicle tour. Let yourself be charmed by outstanding rocky formations, volcanic peaks and the untached silence of San Pedro Atacama oasis.
We organize your stay in San Pedro de Atacama by hotels and tours reservation. Please book yourself your own your international flight. We recommend you to fly with LAN or any other Airline company to Santiago de Chile and from there continue your trip to Calama. If you wish, you can spend a few nights in Santiago, or near by Valparaíso and Viña del Mar and fly to the Atacama Desert on the followings days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will answer all your questions or suggestions immediately.

José Emilio Susperreguy B. Claudio Barria B.

Tel. +00-56-9-98776706

Tel. +00-56-9-87527427

I define myself as a traveller who becomes a guide. Over my childhood I was very lucky to grow up in gemany up to my 15 years old, for later on coming back to my parents homeland, Chile. This is a long and narrow land with a wide variety of beautiful landscapes.
I personally was captured at my 30 years old for the place so called in chile “ATACAMA” where I started to walk around hills, paths and rivers on my own, to get that pleasure in watching and adventure.
The endless desert and altiplanic landscape I finally catched on my own once again and in more than 5 years I have been able to discover a numberless of corners much further than those showen on turistics maps and travels books. 
Nowadays thankfully for the german laguage learnt at Hannover – Germany, is becoming a great pleasure to share my personal experiencies with those travelling the mistery of the desert.
I enjoy as well making all my logistic and planning experience at international audiovisuals broadcasting.
If you are planning to travel around these lands and get acquainted for first hand from the local Andean culture, than I give you my experience and remind that travelling is learning to watch...

The difference between a travel agency and me: there will be no intermediaries. Get organized your journey to the altiplanic and I will be your guide. We are linked before, during and I hope as well after the trip, because I like to keep those people who trusted in myself.






Hello everyone! My name is Claudio. I have been working for more than 20 years in tourism activity and more than 15 years as guide in differents places of my country. I got my tourism degree at Puerto Montt City - lake district in chile when I was 24 years old in 1997. I started working in this field when I was only 20 years old as a bellboy, but life is a hill where one has to go up.

I lived for 30 years in Patagonia at Punta Arenas, chilean city. My primary and secondary formation were held there. I started working as a guide in a motor yatch through the Puerto Natales fiord located in Patagonia heart wilderness. After 2 years I moved into a one of the most beautiful Natinal Park probably in the world declared worldwide mankind heritage by UNESCO 1978, the well known Torres del Paine. My 5 years experience inside the park gave me good leadership and aproachment with different people all over the world and knowledge from many qualifiations courses at Magellan University concerning to botanic, birds, geology, history and glaciology.

Today I have moved to the “Atacama desert” in the north of chile which is another extraordinary landsape where I have lived since 5 years leading people at differents traditional touristc points. By this reason I am pleased in showing and sharing my experience who those are searching nature and knowledge at the same time. Thanks for your time.









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